May 30, 2013

Since the first time we imagined ShopLogic, our vision was to create technology and a company that delivers greater return for e-commerce marketers through better visibility and profitability. We achieved this at ShopLogic by giving e-commerce merchants an intelligent way to optimize and manage promotions on their site by promoting intelligently to each shopper, without compromising margins.

We are excited about the next phase of ShopLogic. We are combining what we’ve learned with the incredible big data technology of BloomReach, one of the fastest-growing big data companies in Silicon Valley. BloomReach offers us the best opportunity to fully realize the original vision we had when we founded ShopLogic in 2011. Our conversations with BloomReach co-founders Raj De Datta and Ashutosh Garg made us confident that their knowledge and company’s reputation for driving content relevance in an increasingly noisy web environment was the best place for us to build on our experience and achieve our long-term goals.

Effective immediately, we will join the BloomReach team and cease marketing and selling ShopLogic, but our platform will continue to be available to all our current customers during a transition period. We look forward to bringing you innovations that deliver marketers higher returns with BloomReach in the future. We want to give special thanks to our ShopLogic customers and to all those that continue to support us.


Kevin and Dennis

ShopLogic Platform


Easily manage all your promotional offers and gain new insights about your customers.


Determine the best promotional offer and pricing that will drive the most margin and sales.


Leverage social channels to connect with customers and acquire social referrals.